A.C.R.E. -- Antioch Committee for Racial Equality

1964 Civil Rights Action

Antioch students joined with students from nearby Wilberforce and Central State College and SNCC to protest the segregated barbershop in Yellow Springs. The combined civil rights demonstration on March 14, 1964 closed the main highway through Yellow Springs. The demonstration followed months of repeated attempts to integrate the Gegner Barbershop and was the first major and violent demonstration of the SNCC Summer of '64.

Read ACRE Background Papers #1 and #2.

The Antioch Record issue of March 15, 1964: [Front Page]; [Middle Page]; [Back Page]

The New York Times of March 16, 1964 | The Antiochian, March issue

Gegner closes: Dayton Daily News, June 5, 1964

The Campus Controversies --

  • Steve Barnnet, Art Maglin, and Jay Siegel's Open Letter to the Community
  • L.M. Eldredge's response to the above letter.
  • President Dixon's Advisory Committee on Social Action:
  • Report to the Antioch Community from the Student Personnel Committee