1) The faculty has evidenced commendable concern for the “educational use of social action”.

2) We, in A.C.R.E., also feel that social action has educative value.

3) We try to obtain speakers involved in social action so that we can better appraise our goals and methodology

4) In view of the above, we couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous absence of faculty at the talk given by Mrs. Mae Mallory on Monday night (April 13).

5) We wonder how the faculty can assess our actions and approaches if they do not partake of the educational opportunities afforded.

6) We have the audacity to call ourselves “a community of scholars”. However, the faculty seems to have a double standard: They believe the students need education for social action while they, themselves, are adequately informed. Implied in the double standard is the view that the faculty, without any current involvement, is competent to pronounce upon the direction of future social change and Antioch’s role in that change. We feel that it is proper and valid to question this assumed competency.

(signed) [Steve Barnett] [Jay Siegel ] [Art Maglin]